DR WU Skincare about page

Dr. Ying-Chin Wu is a dermatologist and currently the Clinical Professor & Practitioner with the National Taiwan University Hospital. He is known as the God-father of medical cosmetics and bio-technology in Greater China.

Behind Dr Wu

DR.WU skincare is highly effective and developed with patented technologies to solve daily skin problems. Founder Dr. Ying-Chin Wu created this line so people can treat their skin with the same dermatological care at home. DR.WU Clinical Skincare is developed based on these principles:

  • No Additives
  • No Alcohol
  • High Concentration of High Grade Actives that are safe and effective, even for use on sensitive skins.


Research & Development

The DR.WU R&D team consists of professionals specialising in Dermatology, Pharmacology and Biology and have developed an understanding of all skin problems and needs. We work closely with Global Biotechnology R&D Labs in product development, using over 100 international active ingredients, produced by 5 major cosmetic manufacturing companies that are ISO certified. By combining both Dermatology and Biotechnology, all product lines are skin-friendly, allergy-tested and paraben-free.

Dr Ying-Chin Wu DR.WU Skincare photo

Dr Ying-Chin Wu



Loius Vuitton Backing

The Dr. Wu brand has been growing in popularity since it launched more than a decade ago. Now, foreign investors have been knocking on its doors. In 2014, the private equity fund L Capital Taiwan Beauty Ltd., which belongs to the LVMH Group, gained approval from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs' Investment Commission to invest £20 million in Dr. Wu Skincare Co. Ltd.